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Below is a list of all of the high frequency words, in order, for all the units. This can be used as a way to track the students and their high frequency words.

Unit 1

Lesson 1: What is a Pal? (Informational Text)

Lesson 2: The Storm (Realistic Fiction)

Lesson 3: Curious George at School (Fantasy)

Lesson 4: Lucia's Neighborhood (Informational Text)

Lesson 5: Gus Takes the Train ( Fantasy)

Unit 2

Lesson 6: Jack and the Wolf (Fable)

Lesson 7: How Animals Communicate (Informational Text)

Lesson 8: A Musical Day (Realistic Fiction)

Lesson 9: Dr. Seuss (Biography)

Lesson 10: A Cupcake Party (Fantasy) (End unit with reading the trade book "From Seed to Pumpkin-Informational Text)

Unit 3

Lesson 11: At Home in the Ocean (Informational Text)

Lesson 12: How Leopard Got His Spots (Folktale)

Lesson 13: Seasons (Informational Text)

Lesson 14: The Big Race (Fantasy)

Lesson 15: Animal Groups (Informational Text)

Unit 4

Lesson 16: Let's Go to the Moon! (Informational Text)

Lesson 17: The Big Trip (Fantasy)

Lesson 18: Where Does Food Come From? (Informational Text)

Lesson 19: Tomas Rivera (Biography)

Lesson 20: Little Rabbit's Tale (Folktale) (End unit with reading the trade book "Amazing Whales!"- Informational Text)

Unit 5

Lesson 21: The Garden (Fantasy)

Lesson 22: Amazing Animals (Informational Text)

Lesson 23: Whistle for Willie (Realistic Fiction)

Lesson 24: A Tree is a Plant (Informational Text)

Lesson 25: The New Friend (Realistic Fiction)

Unit 6

Lesson 26: The Dot (Realistic Fiction)

Lesson 27: What Can You Do? (Informational Text)

Lesson 28: The Kite (Fantasy)

Lesson 29: Hi Fly Guy (Chapter Book)

Lesson 30: Winners Never Quit! (Narrative Nonfiction) (End unit with reading the trade book "Owl at Home" - Fantasy)