Focus Wall
Essential Question: What kinds of plants and animals would you find in the ocean?

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Digraph th

Base words and -s, -es, -ed, -ing endings

Phonemic Awareness
Blend phonemes
Segment phonemes

Spelling Words
that, then, this, them, with, bath

High Frequency Words
blue, cold, for, little, live, their, water, where


Selection Vocab

biggest, feet, grow, manatees, ocean, penguins, sea otters, turtle, warm, whales

Oral Vocab

companions, exchange, gracefully, portions, practice, strict

Domain-Specific Vocab

arctic, current, tidal

Vocabulary Strategy

Classify and categorize color words

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text
Anchor Text:At Home in the Ocean

Target Skill: Author's Purpose

Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

Grammar: Proper Nouns

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