Focus Wall
Essential Question: What changes do the different season cause?

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Digraphs sh, wh, ph
Contractions with 's, n't

Phonemic Awareness
Blend and segment phonemes

Spelling Words
ship, shop, which, when, whip, fish

High Frequency Words
down, fall, goes, green, grow, new, open, yellow


Selection Vocab
blow, day, leaves, school, seeds, snow, snowman, spring, summer, fall, winter

Oral Vocab

bouquet, burst, glows, plow, shrivel, vines

Domain-Specific Vocab

weather, cycle, sunlight

Vocabulary Strategy

Word endings -ed, -ing, or -s

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text

Anchor Text: Seasons

Target Skill: Cause and Effect

Target Strategy: Visualize

Grammar: Subjects and Verbs

Subject-Verb Agreement

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