Focus Wall
Essential Question: Why is it important to have rules?

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Long a (CVCe)
Phonogram -ake
Soft c, g, dge
Phonogram -ace

Phonemic Awareness
Middle sound
Substitute medial phonomes

Spelling Words
came, make, brave, late, gave, shape

High Frequency Words
four, five, into, over, starts, three, two, watch


Selection Vocab
cottontail, hay, hooray, lizard, race, roadrunner

Oral Vocab

cactus, habitat, mainly, search, stems, howl

Domain-Specific Vocab

legal, rule, duty

Vocabulary Strategy

Shades of meaning

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text

Anchor Text: The Big Race

Target Skill: Conclusions

Target Strategy: Infer/Predict

Grammar: Verbs and Time
Present and Past Tense

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