Unit 4 Lesson 17
Focus Wall
Essential Question: What are some different ways to travel?

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Long e (CV, CVCe)
Vowel pairs ee, ea,
Final ng, nk
Phonogram -ink

Phonemic Awareness
Substitute Phonemes: Medial
Substitute Phonemes: Final
Blend Phonemes
Identify Final Phonemes

Spelling Words
me, be, read, feet, tree, keep, eat, mean, sea, these

High Frequency Words
about, by, car, could, don't, maybe, sure, there


Selection Vocab
desert, engine, exclaimed, island, jumpy, parachute, stubborn, travel, troubles, tunnel

Oral Vocab

complain, delighted, horizon, lonely, pleaded, shelter

Domain-Specific Vocab

railroad, pilot, motion

Vocabulary Strategy

Define Words

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text
Anchor Text: The Big Trip

Target Skill: Compare and Contrast

Target Strategy: Visualize

Grammar: Compound Sentences
Compound Sentences
*Produce and Expand Compound Sentences

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