Focus Wall
Essential Question: Why is going to school important?

Curious George

Short o
Consonants: l, x
Inflection -s

Phonemic Awareness
Beginning Sound
Blend Phonemes

Spelling Words
log, dot, top, hot, lot, ox

Decodable Readers

High Frequency Words
do, find, funny, sing, no, they


Selection Vocab

curious, school, this, George, kids, mess, paints, job

Domain Specific Vocab

mascot, educator, principal

Oral Vocab

apart, crept, proud, sneaked, snout, worried

Vocabulary Strategy

Multiple-Meaning Words

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Texts
Anchor Text: Curious George at School (Fantasy)
Target Skill: Sequence of Events
Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify

Vocabulary Reader- Text only for fluency practice

Paired Selection: School Long Ago (Informational Text)

Grammar: Action Verbs-Present Tense

BrainPopJr. Verbs


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