Focus Wall

Essential Question: Who can you meet in a neighborhood?

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Short e
Consonants: y, w, k, v, j
Phonogram -et

Phonemic Awareness
Beginning Sound
Blending Phonemes

Spelling Words
yet, wet, web, leg, pen, hen

High Frequency Words
all, does, here, me, my, who


Teacher read aloud and Anchor Text vocabulary word Keynote

Selection Vocab

Lucia, book, car, firefighter's, goal, hi, home, librarian, neighborhood, pants, plant, street

Oral Vocab

canvas, combinations, ease, important, rhythm, row

Domain-Specific Vocab

urban, citizen, services

Vocabulary Strategy

Alphabetical Order

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Texts
Anchor Text: Lucia's Neighborhood (Informational Text)
Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features
Target Strategy: Question

Paired Selection: City Mouse and Country Mouse (Fable)

Vocabulary Reader- Text only for fluency practice

Big Book: My Colors, My World
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Grammar: Adjectives-Size and Shape

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Other Resources