Unit 2 - Lesson 07

Focus Wall
Essential Question: How do animals communicate?

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Short i
Clusters with r
Phonogram -ip

Spelling Words
in, sit, will, six, did, big

High Frequency Words
animal, how, make, of, some, why

High frequency word PowerPoint


Teacher read aloud and anchor text vocab keynote

Selection Vocab

baby, bees, bird, dance, down, elephants, food, smell

Oral Vocab

agreement, crowd, discussed, warn, creek, bills

Domain-Specific Vocab

behavior, instinct, senses

Vocabulary Strategy

Using a Glossary

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text
Anchor Text: How Animals Communicate

Target Skill: Main idea and details
Main idea BrainPopJr. Video

Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
Inference BrainPopJr. Video

Prediction BrainPopJr. Video

Grammar: Commas in a Series

Commas in a Series

Commas with adjectives and lists
BrainPopJr. Video

Other Resources