Focus Wall
Essential Question: How is music part of your everyday life?

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Short o
Clusters with l
Phonogram -ock

Phonemic Awareness
Segment phonemes; Middle sound

Spelling Words
on, pop, got, not, fox, hop

High Frequency Words
her, now, our, she, today, would

HFW picture match


Selection Vocab

aunt, band, guitars, music

Oral Vocab

crisp, edges, faraway, peeked, smudge, village

Domain-Specific Vocab

percussion, composer, rehearse

Vocabulary Strategy

Define Words

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text
Anchor Text: A Musical Day

Target Skill: Sequence of Events
Sequence of Events BrainPopJr. video

Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

Grammar: Statements
BrainPopJr. Types of Sentences
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