Focus Wall
Essential Question: How are jungle animals different from animals on a farm?

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Digraphs ch, tch
Possessives with 's
Phonogram -atch

Phonemic Awareness
Blend and segment phonemes
Substitute initial phonemes

Spelling Words
chin, chop, much, chip, rich, chick

High Frequency Words
been, brown, know, never, off, out, own, very


Selection Vocab
danced, flowers, giraffe, hyena, leopard, paint, zebra

Oral Vocab

adventure, frisky, shivered, spied, tumbled, view

Domain-Specific Vocab

predator, primate, jungle

Vocabulary Strategy


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Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text

Anchor Text: How Leopard Got His Spots

Target Skill: Sequence of Events

Target Strategy: Question

Grammar: Commands

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