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Essential Question: What do astronauts do?

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Long o (CV, CVCe)
Long u (CVCe)

Phonemic Awareness
Substitute Phonemes: Medial
Substitute Phonemes: Final
Blend Phonemes
Identify Final Phonemes

Spelling Words
so, go, home, hole, no, rope, joke, bone, stove, poke

High Frequency Words
around, because, before, bring, carry, light, show, think


Selection Vocab
crater, footprints, gravity, lunar, rocket, rover

Oral Vocab

atmosphere, decision, landscape, miniature, surface, vast

Domain-Specific Vocab

star, orbit, planet

Vocabulary Strategy

Suffixes -y, -ful

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text

Anchor Text: Let's Go to the Moon!

Target Skill: Main Idea and Details

Main idea video- BrainPopJr.

Target Strategy: Question

Grammar: Questions
What is a question?
Writing questions

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