Unit 6 - Lesson 30

Focus Wall
Essential Question: Why is teamwork important in school or sports?

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Syllable pattern CV
Prefixes un-, re-

Spelling Words
even, open, begin, baby, tiger, music, paper, zero, table, below

High Frequency Words
brothers, everyone, field, loved, most, only, people, sorry

Teacher read aloud and Anchor Text vocabulary word Keynote

Vocabulary: already, dribbled, goalie, rather

Oral vocabulary: mightiest, show-off, waste, wild, wobble, careful

Domain specific vocabulary: cooperation, teamwork, success

Vocabulary Strategies: Suffix -ly

Comprehension Skill/Anchor Text
Anchor Text: Winners Never Quit!
Target Skill: Main Idea and Details
Target Strategy: Summarize

Grammar: Adjectives that compare

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